Djelk Rangers have for many years supported a pioneering Junior Ranger program in partnership with Maningrida Community Education Centre. In 2013, this formally transitioned into the Learning on Country program. The program is preparing the next generation of landowners and djungkay to care for their estates and improve students’ opportunities to build a rewarding and satisfying career as a Bawinanga ranger.

Learning on Country integrates school-based learning and on-country learning. The program places a strong emphasis on intergenerational and two-way (both-way) learning, integrating the expertise, knowledge and cultural practices of traditional landowners with western science. It also aims to improve school attendance and completion. Bawinanga works with students across many levels of Maningrida College and we offer senior students work experience and internships. In turn, Djelk rangers and our landowners share their expertise, and use and build their leadership skills, validating within the community the important work that we do.