People who are not landowners are considered visitors to country. Visitors include Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who live in Maningrida, tourists, short-term workers, researchers, and recreational and commercial fishermen. Many visitors use the beautiful sea country around Maningrida, as it is rich in food resources and it is relatively easy to access from the community.

Landowners are generally happy for people to visit some parts of their country as long as they do so in the right way. Bawinanga Rangers and landowners recognise that visitors might not be aware of the right way to visit country. Primarily, this involves behaving with respect by: having permission from the landowners of that country, driving only on existing tracks, not taking too many of the resources of the country, not leaving rubbish behind, not attracting crocodiles by cleaning fish carcasses too close to the water, and not trespassing at restricted cultural sites.

Management activities

In collaboration with landowners and djungkay, we are creating and providing educational material so that visitors have better access to the right information about how to visit our country in the right way. We are continuing to monitor the impact of visitors and are ready to act with other control methods if necessary. We are developing community awareness campaigns about conservation issues associated with migratory birds, marine turtles and other endangered marine species.

Our long-term goals are that visitors will have greater awareness of their responsibilities on country, and will be doing the right things and behaving with due respect.