The feral pig, sus scrofa, has been on our country for a relatively short time and their numbers have grown really quickly. Like buffalo – which arrived earlier – pigs cause a lot of cultural and environmental damage to our country. They also compete with us for our traditional food resources: yams, green plums, marine turtle eggs and freshwater turtles. They are smart and cheeky animals, they have a high reproductive success rate, and they are a disease risk as they are capable of carrying more serious exotic diseases than many other animals.

Management activities

We are creating opportunities for landowners to participate in our feral animal management strategy, and developing research partnerships to better understand pig dynamics, numbers, behaviour and movements in our region so that we are strongly placed to control feral pigs on our country.

Our long-term goal is for Bawinanga (Djelk) Rangers to have effective tools and methods for managing pigs so that the cultural and environmental impact of the feral pigs is reduced and billabongs are much healthier.