Landowners are very concerned that mining will threaten their land and sea country and have major impacts, particularly on the availability of important food resources and on culturally significant sites within their clan estates.

There are currently no mines in Djelk’s area of operation but sea- and land-based mining exploration leases are being sought over much of Arnhem Land, including in our region. Landowners can reject mining exploration proposals on Aboriginal Land under the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Act 1976. However, approval by landowners for exploration automatically gives approval for mining production if a company decides it is viable to go ahead. Landowners and djungkay want to be sure they are given information about all aspects of this process so that they are able make fully informed decisions.

Management activities

We are committed to providing landowners and djungkay in the Djelk region with current and locally specific advice on the potential environmental impacts of mining, as well as opportunities for rangers and landowners to exchange information with other countrymen and women in northern Australia who have mining on their country.

Our long-term goal is that landowners and djungkay will make fully informed choices regarding mining in their country, and that the Djelk IPA is protected from the negative impacts of mining.