The Bawinanga (Djelk) Rangers are part of an unbroken history of Indigenous use and management of the land and sea country in Arnhem Land. We are widely recognised for our application of Indigenous knowledge in the understanding of contemporary land and sea management issues and the integrity of our cultural governance.

We contribute to the stewardship of a culturally significant landscape that includes spectacular coastlines and rivers, floodplains, rainforest and savannah, and the rocky escarpments of the Arnhem Land Plateau.

Our lands are some of the most biodiverse and structurally intact landscapes in Australia but they face threats common to the rest of northern Australia: changing fire regimes, the decline of native species, and the spread of weeds and feral animals.

Out of our base in Maningrida, we work with our landowners to keep our land and sea country and our languages and cultural knowledge in good health. Our collective vision for our country is set out in our Djelk Healthy Country Plan. This builds on the work that we have been doing in collaboration with landowners and partner organisations for more than 20 years. It guides our operations on the surrounding land and sea country, including the country of the Djelk Indigenous Protected Area.